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Experiences & Perceptions


Experiences & perceptions

Knowing how many hits you have on your site, and the sales they generate, is very important information, but understanding the experiences and perceptions of those who visit your site is the key to growing your online business. We provide a number of important services.

Usability Testing

Our usability auditing not only evaluates your site's user against best practices, but also determines if users can navigate successfully, complete tasks and transactions, and conveniently and effectively achieve their objectives. With backgrounds in interface design, information architecture, human factors engineering and usability testing, our analysts will systematically browse your entire site, assessing its compliance with industry best practices. We thoroughly examine the user interface and provide recommendations for improvement.

Competitive Usability Audit

A competitive usability audit evaluates specific competitors of your choosing. A step beyond our standard usability audit, this expanded service lets you measure yourself against your competitors, compare critical performance metrics, and pinpoint opportunities to stay ahead.

Beta and Pre-release Testing

We only allow our most experienced shoppers to be included in our specialized 'BPR' panel. We provide an independent viewpoint of the site content, functionality and ease of use. .

Consumer Experience Audit

An individual consumer experience audit concentrates only on your company's online business. This audit critiques the customer’s experience while using your site, including the online selection and purchase, order confirmation and delivery, post sale inquiries, and the return process.

Online Survey Panels

If you have a need to determine information regarding consumer online preferences, an online survey panel is often the most cost effective way to generate responses. You select the sampling characteristics of those you want to survey, based on demographics and purchase history (e.g., females, age 35-45, who frequently make online purchases). We work with you to develop the discussion topics and questions, solicit respondents from our panels that match your criteria, facilitate the panel discussion, and compile and report findings.

Partner/Links Profiling

We investigate and report on your potential or existing partner/linked sites, monitoring customer service performance to identify practices inconsistent with your objectives. We trace the content of your site links (and the content of their links), to ensure compatibility with your image.

Consumer Relations Audit

We evaluate your online customer service representatives’ response to customers’ issues, questions, concerns, and problems before and after the sale. .

Business Coaching

We also cater to the individual, providing business coaching, career branding and resume development.