Secret Shopping

Interviews, Focus Groups, & Competitive Analysis

Customer Interviews

Our experience designing and conducting hundreds of thousands of customer interviews allows us to learn information that only the customer can provide. We identify the key points in the service experience to approach and interview customers to gain their immediate perspective. This is accomplished in many ways, including face-to-face entrance/exit interviews, telephonic contact, and computer interaction.

Based upon an agreed outline, we tailor the interview to identify actionable information, allowing you to make "the customer comes first" a mission, not simply an axiom.

Focus Groups

The relaxed, deadline-free environment of a focus group brings out fully vetted perspectives not easily determined through other methods. Utilizing highly experienced facilitators, adept at maintaining the "focus" of the group, we effectively surface the information you need.

We are experienced in the process of identifying the appropriate customer sampling base to eliminate demographic interference and ensure reliable information. We analyze and categorize focus group discussion points, delivering an easy-to-use recap tailored to communicate to your team.

Competitive Analysis

Winning requires that you know who you are in competition with, and what they bring to the table. By utilizing the same shopping process with the competition that we use internally, we provide valuable comparisons that identify strengths and opportunities. As always, we provide the analysis and reporting that makes this information easily communicated to your team.

Other Secret Shopping Services

Secret shoppers provide an unbiased perspective of how well an organization is meeting its customer service and training objectives. Our trained shoppers assume the role of a customer and conduct evaluations based on the agreed criteria.