Secret Shopping

Designing Your Program

A typical Customer Service Evaluation program

consists of the following stages, each of which is tailored to your requirements:

  • Stage I: Evaluation Planning

    We work closely with your staff to develop a program tailored specifically to your needs, including secret shopping, customer entrance/exit and key service point interviews, focus groups and competitive evaluation.

  • Stage II: Customer and Customer Service Representative Contact

    Understanding that partnership is critical; we initiate and facilitate a strong working relationship between your customer service contact and your Imaginus representative.

  • Stage III: Evaluation Form Development

    We have a number of evaluation templates for you to review, choose and edit to target the specific elements of the customer experience that are critical to achieving your objectives, resulting in a fully customized assessment tool. Evaluation can include quantitative and qualitative data, incorporating both queried responses and comments.

  • Stage IV: Program Development

    Based on your specific needs, we work together to establish the frequency and format of shopping, interviews, focus groups and competitive analysis, incorporating the desired ethnic, gender, age and style demographics to target and evaluate the stages of the customer experience you require.

  • Stage V: Program Implementation

    We work with you to develop a timetable, action points and motivational communication to introduce your personalized program to your team.

  • Stage VI: Information Analysis

    Information is important, but only if it is in a format you can use. We present data in a concise, organized manner, facilitating communication to your team.

  • Stage VII: Recommendations

    Based on our analysis, and incorporating your customer service goals, we make targeted performance-enhancing recommendations.

  • Stage VIII: Training, Reinforcement and Measurement

    We know how to change the organizational culture through education and motivation, positive reinforcement and follow-up results evaluation.

  • Stage IX: Employee Recognition/Reward

    Promptly reinforcing, recognizing and rewarding positive behaviors builds a culture of great customer service.

We're Committed

Regardless of the program features you choose, we commit to timely, accurate evaluations and reports, in line with your specific needs. Please visit our Contacts page to begin designing a secret shopper solution for your organization.