Consulting Services

At Imaginus, You Come First

Stage I

Stage I: Determination


  • Goals & Objectives

  • Strategic Action Plan


We facilitate a preparation session to define the organization’s direction and critical actions, ending in the development of the Action Plan Timetable.

Stage II

Stage II: Strategic Review


  • Identify and define each specific Action area

  • Integrate materials and information


We work closely with your team to develop and provide structure, format and the appropriate medium(s) for Action Plan formulation

Stage III

Stage III: Develop an Action Team & Action Plans

Stage IV

Stage IV: Consolidate, Prioritize, & Finalize


  • Consolidate individual action plans and additional resources into a General Operating Plan

  • Prioritize activities

  • Finalize schedule to ensure the elimination of conflicts and establishment of attainable deadlines


Stage V

Stage V: General Operations Plan


  • Review

  • Refine

  • Focus

Stage VI

Stage VI: Consolidate, Prioritize, & Finalize


  • Sales Training: 


Imaginus specializes in face-to-face, telephonic, and online sales/service training. The key concept is serving your customer with excellence, whether that customer is a shopper, a patient, a co-worker or an outside resource.


The program provides an individualized experience for every participant. It is uniquely custom-designed to meet the needs of each individual, as identified in a one-on-one, pre-program assessment of each participant's style and skill level.


Imaginus works together with both management and the participants to create a prototype of the "ideal" service provider. It identifies obstacles to achieving the ideal standard, and employs strategies to overcome these obstacles.


The final key to the success is the comprehensive post–program follow–up that is scheduled 1, 3 and 6 months from program conclusion.


  • Motivational Seminars:


Imaginus provides training to organizations to identify needs and benefits, motivating your employees to move their attitudes, expectations and cognitive thinking forward.


  • Focus Groups:


Imaginus conducts focus groups to provide a database of consumer/potential customer information to utilize in product/service development or refinement.

Training & Development

Our comprehensive training programs define the most effective and cost-conscious approaches to meeting needs and objectives.